Breakfast Menu

Indulge in a delightful breakfast experience at Sicily Restaurant every Friday through Sunday!

Our morning menu is a symphony of flavours that will kickstart your day on the right note. From buttery croissants that melt in your mouth to the regal Eggs Royal fit for royalty, we offer a wide range of classics. And don’t miss our hearty Full English Breakfast, a true British favourite.

Craving something hot and satisfying? Dive into our selection of scrumptious hot sandwiches, lovingly crafted to perfection. And to complete your morning experience, sip on our authentic Italian coffee, a rich and aromatic brew that transports you straight to the streets of Italy.

Whether you prefer a continental start to your day or a hearty English breakfast, Sicily Restaurant has your morning cravings covered. Join us this weekend and savour the flavours that will make your mornings unforgettable.

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